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Sports Massage Zone


Sports Massage London

Sports Massage Zone started 15 years ago, one of the first dedicated sports massage clinics in London. We offer results driven sports massage, aiming to identify problems and offer a long term resolution to injuries and ailments. We work with sports and non-sports injuries and aim to restore our clients back to good working order.

Running injuries

Sports Massage Zone treats many clients with running injuries, we aim to understand the underlying cause and provide a solution to get you back to running the events you have entered. We have listed some of our case studies on our website, along with testimonials from runners we have fixed. Peta McSharry has 15 years of experience treating injured runners and will work with you to get you to the start-line of your event.

Triathlon injuries

Triathletes are prone to more injuries that other sports, but nature of the volume and variation of sports being undertaken. Peta McSharry uses her structural knowledge, along with experience as a triathlete to get to the bottom of the causes of injuries. ITB problems, achilles tendon issues, back pain and shoulder pain are common in triathlon, with remedial knowledge, Peta will help get you back on course.

Cycling injuries

Peta McSharry is an ultra-distance cyclist, coupled with 15 years of knowledge of treating injuries, she is able to identify causes of injury. Her knowledge as a cyclist and an injury therapist will get to the bottom of an injury yo may have struggled with for some time.


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